Dani Tranchesi Fotógrafa Sobre

In my luggage, I always pack peace, serenity and a photographic camera to capture all the special and authentic colors of the places I visit. In my many roles as wife to Bernardino Tranchesi, mother to Pedro and step-mother to Dinho, Luciana and Marcella, I try to remain zen. I do it with the help of Yoga, scuba diving and running. I have covered thousands of kilometers around the globe happily photographing, flying in an airplane and running half-marathons. 

In my life’s baggage, I also carry the many lessons I learnt during my studies in Social Communication at ESPM University, Photography at the Panamericana University and my partnership with Paula Rocha at CasaNeo10, where we organize sought-after events; such as photography workshops in paradisiac places. After all, what I want is to share my experiences with those who, like me, are passionate about travelling and who love beautiful images. Welcome and fasten your seat belts!

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