We woke up early and spent the morning on a train ride en route to one more destination. We were heading towards northern Myanmar in a really old but incredible train!

Trem myanmar

The big windows with no glass were perfect to take pictures of everything we saw. The train stopped several times along the way, and at each stop several people were selling all kinds of things. We went over metal bridges built in the 1900s that connect big green valleys, villages, corn and rice plantations. One more delight to my travelling soul.

We got off the train close to lunchtime. Perfect: I was really hungry! The fact the people were eating constantly in the train opened up my appetite. It’s very common to see people carrying their rice, vegetable and fruit lunch packs. Our driver was waiting for us with the van and we stopped for lunch at a shabby place. We downed our noodle and vegetable soups, but I have to say I was kind of weary of the place’s hygiene.

Still on the way we stopped at an important local stupa. It was a Buddhist temple we found ugly, dirty and noisy. A true disappointment. But soon afterwards, we finally got to Hsipaw, a river front town on the way to China.

The plan for tomorrow is to trek its surroundings.

See you soon!

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