Our flight departed at 8am, so we woke up really early. And there we went again to that funny Yangon airport.

Flights there are always unpredictable; they can get delayed for hours. But we were lucky and this time it left on time. I noticed that all airlines that fly internally use a French turboprop plane called ATR-72. I always felt safe in them and this one was brand new.

barco myanmar
Our Boat
Going to the old Monastery

We landed in Mandalay and went by bus to the banks of Irrawaddy River, where a chartered boat waited for us. On board, seven very comfortable cabins rocked us to sleep that night, since we went downriver until we reached Bagan the next day.

Soon after lunch we disembarked and walked to one of the oldest monasteries there, simply magnificent. The heat almost killed us, but it was worth it!

monastério antigo myanmar dani tranchesi
Old Monastery 

We continued sailing ‘till sunset. The boats don’t have permission to sail in the dark, so as soon as the sunsets, the boat anchors and waits for daybreak to continue.

While distractedly having dinner, we were surprised by 400 colored candles floating by the river in a kind of water procession. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve seen all my life! It was perfect to warm up our slumber at the end of one more day.

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